My Linkedin has the most up to date info about me.


I love building little projects. Some examples:


I really enjoy teaching. I’ve taught high school and college classes in Ghana, Germany, India, while biking through Missouri, and virtually taught in many other countries. I teach my younger cousins programming whenever they let me.

I sometimes publish my notes as I’m learning:


The art that most often speaks to me are movies, crafts at places like Maker Faire, Burning Man installations, creative writing, photography, poetry, music, dance, and protests.

Body & Nature

My main form of meditation is biking or trail running. It’s there that I’m forced to focus on my body, while at the same time being surrounded nature. It’s a euphoric feeling that never seems to get old.

Besides these, I enjoy backpacking, city hiking, trail running, open water swimming, kayaking, sailing, Ultimate Frisbee, disc golf, pickleball, and climbing.

Cooperative Living

I’ve lived in many excellent communities during and after college. I’ve never lived alone, and I don’t have plans to ever do so. Most recently, I lived with 18ish wonderful people in Palo Alto, CA. My favorite place is the kitchen. It’s the beginning and end of most mischief. The place to break out into dance and singing, the place to comfort others, the place to be gifted with the glorious bounty of our tireless grocery shoppers. I’ve had so many excellent book recommendations there, proudly showed off our alphabetized spice rack to many wonderful guests, and had so many incredible conversations.

Other things about me

  • I currently live in the San Francisco, California
  • I write pretty extensively. I’ve been writing in my Workflowy document almost every day since 2012, and also write tons in Google Docs for work.
  • I’m an optimist. is a good representation of what I mean by this.